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CP4500 Stereo Bus Compressor / CP4500 Meter Lights
« on: June 09, 2021, 01:48:09 AM »
Just finished building this guy and ran through the setup with no issues. Everything seems to be working fine with the exception that the meter stays illuminated whether the unit is engaged or not. Is this how it is supposed to be or is something wrong?

TS500 Tape Simulator / Initial Test Questions
« on: May 13, 2021, 01:48:53 PM »
Just to clarify, should measurement of the source sign wave be verified between tip and ring (pin 2 and 3)? For example, the 1khz sign wave should measure .4v between tip and ring before going into the unit?

All output measurements are also done between tip and ring (xlr pin 2 and 3)?

Is every test measured in output bypass?

My units appear to be functioning correctly but the output is incredibly low even with the output at 10. When running a track through them 9out of pro tools) I need to come out of the tape sim into another preamp just to get it back to a useful level. I want to make sure nothing is messed up or I didn't accidentally calibrate the meter wrong. 

Performing test 1 (1khz at .4v) I get .38v after all 3 settings. If I engage the unit engaged (not in bypass) I have:
tape left -10.84
tape center -  8.58
tape right - 7.86

Test 2 with unit engaged (not in bypass) I have:
30 ips - 7.4 v
15 ips - 8.98v
7.5 ips - 9.9v

I ran out of time to continue testing this morning but I at least wanted to get this thread started. I feel though as something may be wrong here. I am testing 2 of these units simultaneously as they were built together.

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