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TS500 Tape Simulator / New build test results
« on: May 01, 2021, 07:51:17 PM »
Just finished up a build on a TS500. Just one major misstep, (mistakingly-swapping the power transistor and the voltage regulator-thankfully, I spotted it and was able to correct that)
It all seems to be working and sounding amazing!

I ran all the tests and just wanted to post the results to see if it all seems within spec.

Power check V+ 15.99V
                   V-  15.85V

Clip LED comes on at about 6.85V on my multimeter. (at 6.5V on my meter, the last led won't light even with the trimmer all the way clockwise)

1K@.4VAC  tape sat left     10.38V
                 tape sat center 8.33V
                 tape sat right   7.63V

40HZ@.25VAC  7.5ips       10.61V
                       15 ips        9.88V
                        30ips        8.79V

60HZ@.25VAC  7.5ips        8.73V
                       15ips        10.74V
                       30ips        10 V

80HZ@.25VAC  7.5ips        6.24V
                       15ips         9.13V
                       30ips         10.59V
             Bias on Right         7.34V

10K@.25VAC    7.5ips        1.41V
                       15ips          2.37V
                       30ips          2.93V
             Bias on Right         2.95V

Now off to build a second one!

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