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Hi Jean-Pierre
I now have both of my MP573 connected to the EQ573II via the internal conexin-cable. So far, everything works fine. But when I switch of my whole setup and switch it on again, I have some pulsing high level on the outputs, when the EQe is set to pre.
When I switch to XLR or off, it disappears, as long, as I switch back to pre. After a while this behavior is gone. As if a condensator is discharging.
Do you have an idea, what could be wrong, or what I could check for?
Best regards

MP573 Microphone preamplifier / MP 573 - no output anymore
« on: July 08, 2022, 10:39:24 am »
Hi Jean-Pierre
I finished my MP 573 an did the setup as discribed. Everything was as it should. I did some testrecording with all kind of mics and the DI. Everything was really great sounding.
Next step was to connect the MP with my EQ573II. But this didn´t work. I tried a bit and decided to run both units separately for the moment. The EQ still works perfect, but the MP now dosn´t have any output. I can see the Input-LED reacting on the signal i feed it with. That seems to be normal. With more Gain the LED stays green, when lowering, it only lights up, when there is a hotter signal.
But on the output there is nothing.
I tried different slots of my Bento-Case, also the one, where my EQ573 is running without issues. 
Now I have no Idea what to do next. Can you give me some support?
Thank you so much in advance,
best regards

EQP501 Passive Equalizer / Problem with the Potentiometers
« on: June 29, 2022, 09:25:39 am »
Hi Jean-Pierre
I´m just before finishing my third SoundSkulptor Module, the EQ-P501.
I have a slightly problem with the potentiometers.
When I turn the black knobs, the red ones move with them and vice versa.
There do not run free, as it worked with my EQ573.

Do you have an idea, what i did wrong?
thank you in advance.
best regards

EQ573 Equaliser / cracking noise, when switching Lowcut Filter
« on: June 13, 2022, 02:18:08 pm »
Hi Jean-Pierre
I just finished my 2nd SoundSkulptor Projekt, the EQ573-II. It was a pleasure to build it an everything is running so far quite well, except some cracking noise, whenever i switch the lowcut. It sounds like the crackling in the demo-video on your web site (Build and review of the EQ573), when the on-off switch is used.
Is this behaviour normal, or is this a sign, that i did something not precise enough or wrong?
best regards

CP5176 FET compressor / Need help to find the mistake
« on: June 02, 2022, 09:52:24 pm »
Hi guys
I´m on my way to finish my first DIY CP 5176. I solders everything and starts the setup-process.
unfortunately, here something seems to be wrong.

I followed the setup process and at step 8, when I tried to adjust P5 nothing happens. So I started the checklist "In case your CP5176 doesn't work as expected"

At Step 2, I got 580mV DC on the Top Pin of L1 of the SK25. As far as I understand your Checklist, this seems to be to much.
The other Checkpoints are as they should. Maybe point D has a slightly bigger tolerance (-0,16 DCV instead of - 0,2 DCV).

Step 3 brings the following values:

TP1 = 0,07 V AC
TP2 = 0,34 V AC
L1 Top = 1,85 V AC

Step 4
The ratio-values are very closed to the ones, you describe.
TP6 values reach from -1,4 to - 5,4 VDC
TP5 value is 0

Can you give me an idea, what to do now?
thank you for your help!

First Aid / Parts missing
« on: May 31, 2022, 09:33:55 am »
Dear Soundskulptor Team
I purchased a CP5176 Kit. I already did the soldering. But there are 2 parts missing, i can´t find them in the box.

1. Gain reduction meter - U6 (LM317LZ)
2. SK25 - D4 (BZX55C 5V1)

Instead of that, I had 11 of the Signal Diode 1N914 (stripped together). One of these ist left now.
So, all in all, i have 2 parts missing and one left.

Can I get the missing parts from you?
Thank you so much in advance and best regards

First Aid / Problems identifing Parts
« on: May 27, 2022, 09:09:49 am »
Hi guys
i´m an absolutely DIY-beginner and started to build my firstr CP5176.
Identiofing the Resistors was easy. But now i have to identify the Ceramic Capacitors. On some, i can read the marking. On the blue ones, it´s impossible to read the marking. When i measure with the ultimeter, i get values, that are only near the value at the part list.
Is there a "right" way, to cope with that?
best regards

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