Author Topic: Extender pins description

January 31, 2021, 06:26:10 PM
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Pin   Name                                          Description
1Chassis groundLunchbox chassis
2Output +4dB HotOutput XLR pin 2
3Output -2dB HotLow level output (not used)
4Output +4dB ColdOutput XLR pin3
5Analog groundInput and output XLR pin 1
6Stereo linkConnects the side chains of 2 adjacent compressors
7Input -2dB coldLow level input cold (not used)
8Input +4dB coldInput XLR pin 3
9Input -2dB HotLow level input hot (not used)
10Input +4dB HotInput XLR pin 2
11Gain AdjustBuss feed on Radial lunchboxes
12+16VDCPositive power supply
13Power groundConnected to the Analog ground in the lunchbox
14-16VDCNegative power supply
15+48VDC PhantomMicrophone phantom power supply
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