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Stereo Tape Simulator


The Stereo Tape Simulator is an analog processor that recreates the sonic imprint of vintage tape recorders. The effect provides the roundness, the punch, the compression and the saturation of magnetic tape.





The STS includes the electronics of a classical tape recorder with variable gain input stage, pre-emphasis stage, recording amplifier, constant current driven tape head, playback amplifier with 6dB per octave attenuation, NAB de-emphasis stage, filter emulating the effect of head gap and differential output stage.

The heads and magnetic tape behavior is simulated by the magnetic core of several coupled coils. The STS can simulate the tape recorder rolling at 3 different speeds: 7.5 ips, 15 ips and 30 ips. The tape speed modifies the bandwidth and the saturation of the magnetic core



  • 100% analog
  • Faithful and natural simulation, thanks to the close parallelism with the tape recorder models
  • Zero latency
  • For studio and live sound
  • No moving parts, no hiss, no tape wear, no maintenance
  • 2 independent channels
  • Differential input and output
  • Class A biased op-amps
  • 2 high resolution peak-meters
  • Neutrik connectors
  • High grade components
  • Full hardware bypass switch
  • Easy to use: The IN potentiometer adjust the effect intensity, the OUT potentiometer sets the output level.





You can get a feel of the STS effect by listening to the following audio clips. The two clips have the same peak level, no EQ, no compressor, no reverb. The effect has been pushed generously in order to be easily perceptible.

  • Drum kit recorded dry with 4 mics: 2 OH (C451B), 1 Kick (D112), 1 room (M149) : drums-dry.mp3
  • Same recording where each track has been processed by the STS: OH at 30 ips, Kick at 15 ips, room at 7.5 ips : drums-sts.mp3


Kit options

Full kit: Complete product, to assemble yourself.

No case kit: Full kit MINUS case.

Mini-kit: Full kit MINUS case, PSU, XLR's, potentiometers and switches.

Assembled: Complete product, ready for use.

19" faceplate: The Full Kit and the Assembled products are also available with a 19" faceplate and vintage style knobs as an option.


Technical documents