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Product ID: Bender



Get a FREE component bender for resistors, diodes, inductors with your first kit order.

Price: 0.00 €

MP66 Microphone preamplifier - Kit
Product ID: MP66KIT


The MP66 is a single ended class A tube preamplifier with transformers on input and output . It is inspired by designs from the 60's.

The sound ranges from stunning transparency, with an overwhelming sense of dynamic, when softly driven, to soft valve limiting when pushing the gain further, to a “guitar amp” type of saturation when you push it into the limits. The transition between these modes is very smooth.

Price: 299.00 € (358.80 € Inc. Tax)

PS2 Power supply - Kit
Product ID: PS2KIT


The PS2 is an external power supply unit that delivers 3 voltages : +30V, -30V and +48V. It can easily supply 2 complete Skulptor microphone preamps equipped with 4 preamp cards each.

Price: 169.00 € (202.80 € Inc. Tax)

Blank plates
Product ID: MPBP


These blank plates are used to mask unused front panel slots.

Price: 11.00 € (13.20 € Inc. Tax)