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The MP573 is a two stages, single ended class A preamp, based on the design that was originally used in the Neve 1290/1073 modules, that has been adapted to the '500' format of API.

Just install it in your API* compatible LunchboxTM rack and start recording.

The sound of the MP573, like its model is full, silky, detailed and musical, slightly larger than life, very complimentary to a digital recording environment.

The MP573 is great on vocals, acoustic instruments and generally all close miked sources that need to be pushed forward in the mix.



  • Single ended class A design
  • Carnhill/St. Ives transformers on input and output
  • 0 to 70 dB of gain
  • Switchable first stage
  • The output stage is biased in a rich Class A with 70mA of iddle current
  • Fet DI input, relay switched, the signal passes through the input transformer
  • Signal/Clip LED monitors clipping in both stages
  • 24V supply built from the +/-16V with a linear regulator
  • Golden contacts on relays and switches
  • Jumper selectable input impedance : 300-1200 ohms.
  • High quality Grayhill gain switch
  • Nicely damped quality conductive plastic potentiometer
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • Tantalum capacitors in the audio path (as in original)
  • High grade 105°C low ESR electrolytic capacitors
  • WIMA film capacitors
  • High grade double sided PCB with plated holes
  • Easy build, dense but straightforward
  • Available assembled or as a full kit (everything included)


* API is a registered Trademark of Automated Processes Inc.