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D.I.Y Audio gear


Sound Skulptor professional audio


Since the days of vacuum tubes to nanotransistors today, each leap of the technology has seen the birth of a few outstanding products in professional audio which have become, over time, legends.

Our goal is to revive these legendary products and make them accessible to all.

We give them a modern form: Compact design, quick and easy build, some new features such as DI inputs, signal clipping LED's, relay switching , etc., in keeping with what makes their character.

The Sound Skulptor products are slowly crafted with care, precision and many listening sessions in real conditions in our recording studio.

The products are proposed in kit form, to minimize cost as far as possible. They are also available built and tested for the non technicians.

Why D.I.Y. ?

Building your gear gives you several major advantages :

  • It cuts down the cost : You are saving a major part of the cost which comes from workmanship.
  • It is customizable : You will get many options of circuit topologies, components choice, and settings that will allow you to tailor your gear to your needs and get a unique sound.
  • It gives you a better knowledge of your gear : By getting a better understanding of your gear you will be using it more efficiently and creatively.
  • It makes you able to service it, should it, after many years of troublefree running, need a potentiometer or a switch replacement.

Why a Sound Skulptor kit ?

  • A professional design: The Sound Skulptor products are designed by two highly complementary persons. one of them is a musician/audio engineer with fabulous ears and the other is an engineer with four decades of experience in electronics. From both inside and outside the products offer the best in quality and finish.
  • A guarantee of success: Our kits always work! In case of difficulty, our technical support helps you to correct the issues. In the most difficult cases (seldom), our repair service troubleshoots your product.
  • One single source: All the components are included in our kits, from the large transformers to the smallest screw, including those "impossible to find" components. This means a single shipping cost and no need to buy parts by 10 or 100. In the end, substantial savings.
  • A serious partner: Sound Skulptor is a solid partner with more than 10 years of existence that will be able to follow you in your future projects.

Can you D.I.Y. ?

Every effort has been done in the design to make the building process easy. Complex hook-up wiring has been completely avoided by the use of PCB components (potentiometers, switches, transformers ...) and flat cable connections.

Anybody that is capable of doing a clean solder joint, carefully following our step by step Construction Guides and using a digital multimeter should be able to successfully build these kits. Check our D.I.Y. page.

In the case you would fail to build one of our kits, we propose a repair service that will fix it for you.

If you are not confident enough in your DIY skills, there is an option of choosing fully assembled kits.